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BUBBLEPOD – Terrace design

BUBBLEPOD is a new transparent bubble to fit out your restaurant terrace and rooftop, for your shopping malls, to communicate your brand or to allow yourself a bit of conviviality, while respecting social distancing.

Our BUBBLEPODs are M2 fireproof, quick to install and have an integrated lighting system!

We offer you several uses in all four seasons: umbrella, parasol, screen.

Protect yourself from the rain in the summer
Stay covered in the winter
Shelter from the sun when spring comes
Let the air circulate when summer comes
Indeed, you can transform your Bubblepod thanks to the different options:

– A removable transparent cover
– Open sky curtains
– Umbrella curtains
– Fabric weights or planter weights

Bubblepods are easy to set up and will allow you to arrange your terraces, create small unusual accommodations or communicate your brand.

Three sizes are available:

M: 3.03m diameter – 2.3m height – Capacity: 2 to 6 people
Diameter on the ground: 2.05 metres

L: 3.72m diameter – 2.5m height – Capacity 4 to 8 people
Diameter on the ground: 3.20 metres

XL: 4.84m diameter – 2.75m height – Capacity more than 10 people
Diameter on the ground: 4.20 metres

They can also be customised for your brand. Do not hesitate to contact us for a quote.


We also offer the RESTODOME:

Like the Bubblepod, its structure is made of aluminium used in aerospace and its tarpaulin is M2 fireproof.

Four modules are available according to your needs:

1: 1828 x 914 x 2130mm

2: 1828 x 1828 x 2130mm

3: 1828 x 2742 x 2130mm

4: 1828 x 3656 x 2130mm

Discover our other solutions for restoration such as Platizy!

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PLATIPUS Prod is an agency that creates concepts and provides logistical support, offering agencies, local authorities and advertisers: animation solutions (bubbles on water, foot bubbles), street-marketing and events with bubble artists and giant transparent igloos. Our customised bubbles can also be used to display products, monuments and other items inside. Discover also