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PLATIZY – Catering – Hotels – Ephemeral space

Platizy is a new concept to design your restaurant terraces and foodtrucks, for your shopping malls, to create vaccination areas or places of conviviality, while respecting social distancing.

Our Platizy are adapted for an easy and quick use, in all transparency!
We propose several uses: temporary terraces, but not only!
Indeed, these transparent structures are perfect for creating small ephemeral meeting spaces indoors or outdoors, tasting areas, street-marketing actions, for ephemeral furnishing of restaurant terraces or rooftops, but also for creating vaccination areas that allow social distancing.

Its quick installation and uninstallation will seduce you and allow you to exploit spaces that you would not have used.

We offer different diameters:
– 3.05m: capacity for up to 6 people
– 3.66m: capacity of 8 to 10 people
– 4,57m : capacity of more than 10 people.

To guarantee the watertightness of the Platizy, you can add a canvas, which is proposed as an option.

Its transparent material offers a unique experience to its users, and for you to enjoy it, the Platizy is available for sale or rent.

Stand out in all simplicity!



PLATIPUS Prod is an agency that creates concepts and provides logistical support, offering agencies, local authorities and advertisers: animation solutions (bubbles on water, foot bubbles), street-marketing and events with bubble artists and giant transparent igloos. Our customised bubbles can also be used to display products, monuments and other items inside. Discover also